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Wedding planning, wedding flowers and wedding decor in one place

Do you need to organise a wedding in Pilsen and its surroundings - visit an atlas of wedding places, do you miss wedding decor, or you need to bind wedding bouquet, a corsage and other wedding flowers, or you only need an advice? Place an order today. You can find a web form here. Otherwise, call us directly on 739087331.

Would you like to look at examples of our work? Look at our gallery.

Would you like a unique wedding on train or in a First Republic Villa?

Would you like your wedding day to be unrepeatable and extraordinary? What about a wedding that would take place somewhere unexpected?

Our company, Merryberry, offers to organise a wonderful wedding on train, on a historical tram, in beautiful surroundings of a mill or a First Republic villa. If you were interested in a wedding taking place at your place, in a mountain cabin or at the campsite, we can also arrange that for you. Feel free to contact us, and we will prepare a wedding of your dreams.

Wedding planning by Merryberry saves you time and money.

Are you interested in wedding services, that guarantee that the wedding planning does not disrupt your ordinary programm? Would you rather play squash with your friends or have a great time in a restaurant than count chair covers and deal with tons of emails regarding wedding planning? The wedding agency Merryberry, is here for you. Leave the wedding planning to us. We will put your mind at ease and we will prepare a perfect wedding day for you. Send us a an inquiry.

We guarantee that your wedding decor will be perfect and will be highly suitable for your wedding.

Are you interested in a wedding service that fullfils all your wildest dreams? Do you like browsing through Pinterest and looking for suitable inspiration? Would you like your wedding decor to be themed, for example Twilight or Great Gatsby? We are able to make any kind of wedding decoration you wish for. Alternative, perfect and charming, just as you are. Do not hesitate to have a glance at our gallery of work we have already done, or to fill an inquiry form.

A wedding bouquet and wedding flowers from Merryberry?

Have you bought your wedding bouquet, but you had rather have something special ? Then you certainly want your wedding bouquet and wedding decor go by? So, you want a bouquet from Merryberry. Our florist will arrange flower decor, bind flowers and bouquet you wish for. We are able to make wedding flower jewellery, a corsage, car flowers, flower wreaths and other beautiful flower products for both of you. Place an order today and tick tick the option, that you want to have wedding flowers from us. We will contact you shortly.

We are unique - handmade wedding decor for sale

Our wedding decor cannot be bought anywhere else. It is made-to-measure with love.

Are you in trouble? Wedding consulting is here for you.

HDo you hesitate whether or not to take advantage of having a wedding agency service for your wedding? That's why Merryberry is here for you. We advise you for free.Write to us and we will get to you within 48 hours back.

Wedding organisation not only in Pilsen

Svatební agentura Merryberry působí v Plzni a celém plzeňském kraji. Wedding agency Merryberry operates not only in Pilsen but also in the whole Pilsen region. We have drawn up a list of many wedding venues in the whole Pilsen region and we are glad to help you choose the most beautiful one.

We organise weddings for foreigners

It does not matter that you are a foreigner, we can speak English and German. On top of that, we know all the regulations and necessities to be able to provide you a perfect service. Pokud jste cizinci, nevadí, dokážeme se domluvit anglicky a německy.




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