Wedding bouquet

Customised wedding bouquet

Would you like to have a unique wedding bouquet? Merryberry collaborates with well-trained wedding florists who will not only bind a wedding bouquet in colours and variations you wish for, but will also help you with choosing suitable flowers, which will create a fairytale mood of your wedding. In addition, we offer a complete wedding decoration. We are able to adjust the design of your wedding to match flowers and other accessories you will have.

Flowers for mothers, boutonierres for grooms, wedding flower jewellery and other flower accessories.

We decorate everything ranging from a bride to a dog. We offer production of wedding flower jewellery. Have you thought for example about a flower necklace? We customize a boutonierre for a groom, flowers for mothers; we make wrist corsages for bridesmaids, flower giftboxes and we decorate a wedding convoy with flowers.


Our wedding florists will decorate your wedding perfectly. Make your order via our order form.