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Our agency owns an extensive portfolio of wedding venues in Pilsen region. We have gathered complete and most crucial information about every wedding venue and which can be found in our portfolio, and which enables us to meet your requirements to the last detail.

We offer our clients wedding venues not only for a wedding ceremony but also for a wedding reception and a wedding party. You can find so called “all-in-one” venues as well.

A wedding professional is capable of finding and booking a suitable venue within hours. Besides that, he can be present at all of your visits at the chosen venue. If you were interested, a video shoot of the venue is also possible.


It is obligatory to arrange a wedding date at the registry office. It is possible that the registry office will have only a limited amount of wedding dates and some of them tend to be booked up very quickly, therefore we strongly recommend you get booked yours as soon as possible. It is especially the case of very frequent wedding venues and smaller localities.

A fee is charged for this service. First, you will be asked to fill in required forms, and then the registry office will provide you with a wedding registrar. If one of the partners is a foreigner, then wedding administration is a little bit more complicated. If you are not sure about that, do not hesitate to contact us. With regard to case of a roman-catholic church wedding you will have to contact a local diocese, and arrange an appointment with a priest or a pastor. With whom you will discuss your wedding ceremony. As part of your arrangements of such a wedding, you will have to attend pre-wedding preparations with the priest or pastor.

Other church weddings are prepared similarly, but have their own specifics. In case you are interested in a church wedding, please contact us, as we are happy to help you.

If you would like us to deliver this service, tick the relevant box and we will prepare complete information for our first meeting.


Wedding coordination includes pre-wedding planning, organising and designing the schedule of a wedding day and its coordination. One consultation usually suffices to prepare the plan of a wedding day. Further questions that may arise or inquiries about the progress of preparations will be dealt with via phone or email. There will be one more consultation just before the wedding during which all the details of the wedding day will be finalised and introduced to the couple by a coordinator.

If you prefer planning your wedding by yourself, then bear in mind that it will be very time-consuming. Whereas if you choose to collaborate with a coordinator, you will save a large amount of your time. If the couple hires the wedding coordinator, the amount of time spent with wedding preparation will be cut significantly. In other sections of our guide you will find more information about planning, arranging things and how much time you will save with us.

The most important work of the coordinator is on the wedding day. He takes the role of a mediator between the wedding couple and wedding guests and makes sure that everything goes smoothly. Let us give you a few examples of possible minor accidents that can be avoided by hiring a professional coordinator, such as a stain on the wedding dress, a forgotten cell phone in the taxi, forgotten rings or ID´s etc.

The work of the coordinator includes the coordination of wedding suppliers by maintaining contact with them during the day and ensuring everything is at the right time in the right place. He can even remind a photographer to take a photo of the wedding kiss, or helps gather wedding guests together for beautiful group photos.

In our agency, we value our work on the basis of the amount of hours we dedicate to our work. Moreover we provide professional wedding coordinators who charge approximately 250-500 per hour at the wedding event. It is the first wedding for the majority of couples, so it is understandable they are not experienced in wedding organization. For the most of the couples it is their first wedding so it is understandable they are not experienced in wedding organization. As a result, we spend several hours searching for answers to their questions that we give them during the first consultation or via email.


For most of couples it is their first wedding, so it is understandable that they are not experienced in wedding organization. When you want to avoid difficult searching for help. Simply ask Merryberry.


Brides should primarily choose if they would like to buy or borrow a wedding dress. Nowadays, it is possible to order a wedding dress from abroad. The bride can choose either a ready-to-sell or a tailored one. However, our agency does not recommend this option. If you still decide on that, then you should be very careful about delivery dates. The delivery can take too long, and a lot of suppliers on the Internet have not been verified. Customers´ reviews are a good guide to your decision.

It is always advisable to speak to a professional about the choice of a wedding dress that will perfectly match your body type, hairstyle, accessories and shoes. A week or two before the wedding day, it is necessary to make another appointment. To check the wedding dress and make any adjustments in case your body has gone through any changes.

We can help you with that, since we cooperate with professional salons.


Although couples usually choose their wedding rings on their own, we can help measure your finger for the correct ring size, and make purchase easier. We can recommend price-friendly and high-profiled suppliers to you.


Nowadays, couples have countless options of wedding notices ranging from printed, laser cut, brooches to hand-decorated. It often happens that it takes lots of time to choose the right wedding notice.

In our agency we can show you various wedding notices and recommend their suppliers to you. We can create a design together, and then find a supplier who will make it as you require

It usually takes an hour to come up with the best design.


In order to choose the right cake you will have to take into consideration a specific diet, allergies as well as ingredients because for example a cake topping can melt quickly on hot summer days.

Besides choosing the appearance look of the wedding cake there are other things to decide on, for example cupcake stands or wedding cake projection mapping.

Our agency is able to help you with all those options. We will order and deliver the cake on your wedding day. You can find out how much we charge for the services related to a wedding cake mentioned above in our price list.


In general, it does not take much time to order a wedding flavour, but is it important to think about what everything will be included and a preferred package. It is common that/In the majority of cases food favours are ordered from the same supplier as the wedding cake.

We can recommend high-quality suppliers during our consultation. The amount and composition of desserts can be chosen with us or directly with the suppliers.

It takes a few minutes for a professional to manage and arrange such a service. The delivery fee is included in our current or your supplier´s price list.


The catering service is used mainly for an outdoor party, possibly an outdoor reception. If you require this service, you should know how many guests will be present and their preferences. Catering professionals will advise you on a reasonable amount of food, and help prepare a perfect wedding menu.

We will recommend and help you choose the best catering service for your wedding. We also cooperate with catering services offering sushi, vegetarian meals or barbeque.

It takes an hour for an experienced professional to arrange the catering service.

. If you would like to arrange wedding meals by yourselves we can provide you with gastro - equipment.


Searching for the right accommodation for a reasonable price can be a tedious task.

Merryberry can find suitable accommodation close to the wedding reception or recommend all-in-one venues.

It takes us a few hours to reach for a suitable accommodation for you.


Choosing a photographer is crucial, since your wedding photographs will be your memories that you will cherish of your wedding day. You should also bear in mind that it is not only time-consuming to look for a good photographer, but it is also difficult to find a date when he or she is available.

Since there is a large number of photographers, which makes it even harder for you, we can advise you on trustworthy and experienced photographers, and show you their portfolios. We can arrange a meeting with them, and if you feel they are the right ones for you, we will book them for you.

It is estimated that the advice and the booking will take approximately one hour.

Apart from photoshooting, most photographers offer a video-cut version of the wedding or the wedding album. We are in contact with providers of drone videos and others.


Wedding guest favors are important to a wedding couple mostly because it is mostly because they will be given as keepsakes to their guests. There are many options to go for. Funny wedding gifts are most popular, and especially those that can be displayed at home.

Currently, our company offers 3 types of wedding guest favors : minibottles of champagne with a personalized name sticker with the date of the wedding/ anti-hung-over first aid packages/ carved champagne flutes with the date of the wedding and the initials of the bride and the groom. We are able to offer other suppliers and suggest further ideas of wedding favors.


Similarly, you can spend many hours browsing on the Internet and reading customer reviews when searching for the right makeup artist. Another important criterion is whether the makeup artist can do your makeup for you at your place, or whether you have to go to their salon. You should also make a decision as to whether you would like to have your nails, eyelash extensions or skincare treatment done. As for the wedding makeup, it is advised that you have it applied at least once before the wedding day.

Last but not least, you will have to select your hairstyle. First, you need to realize that the hairstyle goes hand in hand with the wedding dress, the face shape and accessories. An experienced hairstylist is able to give you useful tips. They can tell you how to look after your hair so as to make it healthier, and can recommend an effective hair treatment.

We cooperate with professionals who have worked for celebrities, who have great references, and who strive for perfection. On top of that service, we can make pre-wedding appointments.

It takes approximately two hours for an experienced professional to provide such a service.


If you would like to have an outdoor wedding party, there are many things that need to be arranged - party tents, party furniture (tables, chairs or sets), a dancing stage, audio technique, lighting, special effects, fireworks, helium, portable toilets etc.

Supplying complete equipment for na outdoor wedding party by yourself means not only many hours of tough work on installation. In our opinion it is better to hand this task over to professionals.

We cooperate with wedding technique and party furniture suppliers and we are able to book these for reasonable price or get lower price of delivery.

An experienced professional can plan the installation and organize it in a couple of hours.


In case of far distances or in need of transport between destinations is highly practical to book a transport beforehand. You can either have a driver who can transport wedding guests by car, or you can have two drivers. One of them will transport guests, while the other one will drive their own car to their place. They will both come back to collect the rest of the guests.

We are able to provide you this service for which a professional takes approximately one hour.


Maybe you are not a very experienced dancer but you want to shine on your wedding dance. It is possible to hire a professional dancer who can teach you wedding dance moves, or prepare a wedding dance surprise. Bridesmaids can take those dance lessons, so as to perform their dance at the wedding party.

We cooperate with a few dance studios in Pilsen, and we can make an appointment, too.

To book and plan in such service takes up to an hour of work.


Many couples choose a non-standard means of transport to move guests from the from the wedding ceremony to the wedding reception for example limousines, car veterans or horse-drawn carriages. What is more, if you would like to have snacks, a bottle of champagne and strawberries on the vehicle, we can take care of that, too.

We also ensure that the driver will be properly dressed and if needed an English speaker.

It takes approximately an hour for a professional to book and plan this service.


We can hire a pianist, a string quartet, a keyboard player. If your wedding takes place in the curch or chapel, then there is usually an organ player included in the total price.

Wedding couples usually choose live music or a DJ. You can create your own playlist and take charge of music. You will probably need a professional in order to choose a suitable DJ or a musician. Your choice will be determined by the type of music you prefer.

We can help compile a suitable playlist and save your time. It is recommended to arrange refreshment and drinks for musicians or DJ´s during the wedding day, to make space for their live performance. A professional is aware of difficulties that can be encountered, and knows how to overcome them.

For a wedding it is feasible to arrange an experienced anchorman who will guide you through the evening, following the schedule. Normally, it is the responsibility of the best man.

An experienced professional can arrange this service in a couple of hours.


It is essential to provide wedding fun for guests. You will have the opportunity to entertain your guests while you are being photographed. It is useful to assign a person, often the best man or the coordinator, to organise wedding games so as to make guests get together, and keep them entertained.

Our agency cooperates with magicians, various artists, acrobats or dancers who can make your party special especially while the newlyweds are not present.

It takes approximately an hour for a professional to book such service.


If you know that some of your guests have children who they will probably bring along, consider babysitting. A babysitter will keep the children occupied while you are enjoying yourselves.

It takes a few minutes for a professional to arrange and plan in such service.


Wedding flowers include mostly a wedding bouquet, bouquets or flower jewellery for bridesmaids, flowers for mothers, corsages, boutonnieres, wedding flowers and your wedding car decoration. Since there is a great variety of flowers and their arrangements, it is sensible to turn to a professional for help It will be advantageous if the wedding decorator is a florist at the same time because they will be able to find a good match between decor and flowers.

As far as an amount of time and money are concerned, there is only the time limit for the choice of flowers; and a fee is charged for a consultation. If you choose us to be the provider of wedding flowers, we will charge only finished products, not the time spent on their making. You can find the approximate prices in our price list.


Inexperienced wedding couple should prepare themselves for the fact that wedding design and decor are time consuming. They will spend more time dealing with those aspects than experienced professionals, and they will probably never achieve the same standards. They can also encounter unexpected difficulties that professionals can overcome. The experienced designer knows tricks, techniques and materials for arranging decor.. They are experienced in combinations of materials, colours and styles for different types of weddings occasions.

Wedding decoration includes wedding alley, ceremony, reception and party decor. You can choose from various wedding styles, or let us design customized wedding decor just for your wedding. Often wedding decor includes the installation of a wedding arch, the flower decoration of the wedding alley with flowers, flower petals and various thematic decorations. The wedding receptions include Wedding chair, table, candy bar decor and the decoration of the hall. A part of the wedding design is to arrange the wedding table and chairs coversthat can be both rented.

The amount of time needed will depend on requirements, appearance, and size of the venue. The experienced professional can prepare the wedding venue in a couple of hours. If your demands are high, we turn to an assistant for help to reduce the amount of time needed for creating a wedding design. Our agency takes the advantage of assembly workers for more difficult installations.

The wedding design is consulted in person with wedding couples and one or two meetings are enough to agree on. The first one is dedicated to an opening introduction with the theme of the wedding and there are solved actual details of chosen wedding decor at the second one. Hour price for preparation of wedding design concept is stated in our price list.




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