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About us

Who is Merryberry

„Big moments are built up on small details.“

Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are a young married couple, who decided to found a company in a field that is close to us. Petra is a creative brain of our company, a designer and an implementer of different concepts of wedding decorations, and flower arrangements. She also arranges meetings and tries to fulfill your needs. I take care of company management, and make sure that we guarantee best prices and service of the highest quality.

We would like to meet in a friendly manner, and we strive for 100% satisfaction. Preparing one of the most important events in Your life is a great honour and a big responsibility.

We have learnt from our own experience that a person can worry so much about losing their vision of a wedding day that they rather organise it on their own. One way or another, we know, that these preparations take ages and some things can get spoiled. Our agency is able to reduce preparation time by half, and lower wedding costs too. Moreover, the belief of our company is not to intervene in our clients’ ideals so that they will have a wedding of their dreams.

We are looking forward to our future cooperation.

Jan Nádraský


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